Helping Every Lost Cat Find its Way Home

FidoAlert is a FREE nationwide pet alert network that connects you to thousands of local Pet Finders in your area to bring your lost cat home safe and sound.

Join pet owners nationwide who are keeping their cat safe with a Tabby ID.

How TabbyAlert Works

Protect your pet with the TabbyAlert network


Register Your Pet

You’ll get a unique Tabby ID & FREE customized pet tag. A QR code and ID makes it simple for your pet’s finder to report them as safe and found.


When Your Pet is Lost

You trigger a TabbyAlert. We text your pet’s photo in a digital flier to every member of the alert network within a few miles of your pet’s lost location.


When Your Pet is Found

You and your emergency contacts receive a text message that your lost pet has been found with the finder's first name and phone number.

TabbyAlert is FREE to all pet owners in the US. We will NEVER charge you to help find your lost loved one.
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Claim Your FREE Tabby ID Tag

Register and get a FREE Tabby ID Tag engraved with your pet's name, Tabby ID, and custom QR code. The unique Tabby ID on your pet’s tag lets pet finders easily notify you if your lost pet is found.

How the TabbyAlert Network Protects Your Pet

Every minute matters when your pet is lost. When lost we send text alerts to everyone in the network within a few miles. When your pet is found we text all your emergency contacts so you can be reunited as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I live in an apartment complex or condo, will my neighbors receive an alert if I report my pet missing?