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Built on an unwavering belief that every lost pet should be reunited with their loving family.


Every year, 10 million dogs and cats go missing across the country.

This is where FidoAlert steps in.
Propelled by compassion and the unwavering belief that every lost pet should be reunited with their loving family, we are on a mission, helping every lost pet find its way home.
Furthermore, we are committed to keeping FidoAlert free, so that money never stands between a pet loving owner and their lost pet.
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John Bradford
Founder & CEO
“Together, we'll make sure that every lost pet will find its way home.”

Proudly developed and operated by the team at PetScreening.

PetScreening developed FidoAlert to add another layer of care to your pets.

Meet The PetScreening Team

Meet Our Pack

John Bradford
Founder & CEO
Andrew Hartman
Chief Growth Officer
Taylor Jenkins
Senior Director / GM
Dane Phoenix
Senior Manager of Growth
Jodi Jones
Director of Product
Eduardo Salvador
Associate-Data & Product
Haleigh Bagheri
Senior Associate Growth
Ashley C.
Customer Experience
Olivia Knox
Business Development
Chris Ballance
Director of Engineering
Jack Trepp
Senior Product Manager
Proudly Supported by the Team at PetScreening

The FidoTabby Alert National Network is proudly funded by pet lovers across the country.

That being said, a special thank you goes to:
Supporting pet loving companies
for their contributions
Pet Lovers across America
for Pawing-it-forward
our founding partner dedicated to helping every lost pet find its way home as their social mission